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When the lockdown is worse than the disease

According to researchers from Sydney University’s Brain and Mind Centre, they estimate there could be upwards of a 50% increase in the number of suicides in Australia because of the Coronavirus lockdown.

8,000% Increase in Suicide Calls Due to Lock Down

We are social creatures, and this lock down is causing serious mental and emotional issues. Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services based in Los Angeles is set up to handle suicide calls? It operates with 285 people, with 70 of them working full-time. In February this year, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, they handled 22 calls, and then in March they recorded 1,800 calls, an 8,000% increase. Call it a coincidence, but yesterday my wife and I ran into a friend at a store. We chatted for a bit, and then she told us what happened to a friend who suffered a non-life threatening accident requiring an ambulance. The medics told her that they had handled three suicide calls before her. And if that wasn’t enough two days before this conversation, a main thorough fare around our city was blocked as police successfully talked down a man who was poised to jump on the highway below. And these are just the incidents we stumbled upon in our small city. How many more are there? …