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5 times as many UK children died of suicide than COVID

Despite evidence suggesting lockdowns didn’t work, they became the faddish way of dealing with the virus, but a recent study by researchers at several universities in Britain (University of Liverpool, University College London, University of York, and the University of Bristol) concluded that five times more children died of suicide during the lockdowns, than from COVID.

Recent Gallup Poll shows why churches are essential

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis just announced that churches were essential and removed the state’s attendance caps that restricted religious services. In part, Polis was responding to Liberty Counsel’s recent legal victories where courts ruled that US states can not violate religious freedoms guaranteed in the American Constitution by restricting church services in the name of COVID. And a recent poll by Gallup concurs that churches are indeed essential services. The survey, conducted between Nov 5 and 19, revealed that people over the age of 18 who attended religious services were experiencing better mental health than those who weren’t. In the 2020 pandemic year, 46% of people who attended church services reported excellent health and surprisingly this was even higher than the 2019 pre-pandemic years when 42% in the same group reported excellent mental health. Gallup also noted that those who regularly attended religious services was the only demographic that showed an increase in those claiming excellent mental health over the previous year. For Americans as a whole, the Gallup poll revealed only 34% described their …

8,000% Increase in Suicide Calls Due to Lock Down

We are social creatures, and this lock down is causing serious mental and emotional issues. Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services based in Los Angeles is set up to handle suicide calls? It operates with 285 people, with 70 of them working full-time. In February this year, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, they handled 22 calls, and then in March they recorded 1,800 calls, an 8,000% increase. Call it a coincidence, but yesterday my wife and I ran into a friend at a store. We chatted for a bit, and then she told us what happened to a friend who suffered a non-life threatening accident requiring an ambulance. The medics told her that they had handled three suicide calls before her. And if that wasn’t enough two days before this conversation, a main thorough fare around our city was blocked as police successfully talked down a man who was poised to jump on the highway below. And these are just the incidents we stumbled upon in our small city. How many more are there? …