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Video: The unseen cost of the lockdowns

All you have to do is watch the first minute of this video as Bill Fehr, part-owner of J&W Foods in Toronto, Canada reveals how the lockdowns are doing more harm than good. Unfortunately, you won’t see these stories in the mainstream media.

Many are suggesting the lockdowns are doing more harm than the virus they are supposed to be fighting:

READ: Canadian expert’s research finds lockdown harms are 10 times greater than benefits

READ: FUREY: ‘People are really spiralling’ — mental health experts sound off on lockdown harms

READ: ‘The tragedy is that she loved him so dearly’: As mother admits killing her autistic 10-year-old son, friends reveal her agony at life trapped in a flat with the beloved child who ‘howled like a dog in distress’ but was abandoned by local council

READ: Lockdown Effect: Study Projects Unemployment From Pandemic Will Cause Nearly 900,000 U.S. Deaths

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