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Pages of a Bible ripped out as part of SatanCon’s opening ceremony

Credit: Timothy Eberly/

As we have previously reported, SatanCon was held this past weekend (April 28-30, 2023) in Boston, MA. Sponsored by The Satanic Temple, the sold-out event, was billed as the largest satanic gathering in history.

Fox News reports that the event lived up to its billing. During Friday’s opening ceremony, one of the hosts ripped pages out of the Bible and threw them on the floor. While another ripped up a ‘Thin Blue Flag,’ which represented the police.

According to the hosts, these two things were destroyed as part of SatanCon’s renunciation of “symbols of oppression.”

Later, some members of the crowd who cheered as the Bible was destroyed, picked up the pages and took selfies with them.

It also seems the event had a distinctly left-wing tinge to it. Fox News added this tidbit of information:

The conference has been replete with numerous guest speakers and lectures, many of which were dedicated to far-left identity politics.

READ: Boston SatanCon-goers shred Bible, pro-cop flag during opening ritual: ‘Hail Satan!’

In 2020, during the Portland riots, BLM protestors were burning Bibles and American flags. READ: Protesters burn Bible, American flag as tensions rise in Portland

We shouldn’t be surprised:

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