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Chile rejects socialist constitution

There was a plebiscite just held in Chile that would make socialism the overriding force in the country’s constitution. It was intended to replace a constitution imposed by a military dictatorship four decades earlier.

The new constitution was being promoted by its left-wing president, Gabril Boric, who promised it would usher in a new era of wokeness for the country. Boric made sure that socialist activists played a key role in drawing up the new constitution.

However, in the vote held on Sunday, September 4, 2022, 61.9% of Chileans rejected Boric’s socialist constitution, with only 38.1% supporting it.

So what was in Boric’s new socialist constitution?

Hotair explains:

It’s not that often these days that we have the chance to report on some genuinely good news, but this clearly appears to be a positive development for the people of Chile. The proposal from the socialists would have created an ocean of “free stuff” for the people and disincentivized work while offering no plan to pay for it all. Chile’s copper mining industry – the largest supplier in the world – would have been crippled by all of the environmental demands included in the new constitution, costing countless jobs. Chile was on the verge of following Venezuela down a path toward a socialist revolution and ultimate ruin. But at the last moment, cooler heads prevailed and that fate was averted, at least for now.”

But what has everyone puzzled is the days leading up to the resounding defeat, the polls and the mainstream media were predicting the new constitution would pass with a very slim majority.

How could these polls and media reports be so wrong, or were they deliberately lying?

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