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Rioters cheer as Chilean church burns to ground

We need to understand that those on the extreme left hate Christians and perhaps the clearest example of this is what happened after rioters set fire to La Asunción church in Chile and cheered as its spire collapsed to the ground.

Chile: A Bible Lesson from a Newspaper

The country of Chile, in South America, has a problem with the COVID 19 Coronavirus, like every country in the world. One concern is for Christians who claim that they are protected by God, and they don’t need to take precautions. That is also happening in other countries. Strangely, for a secular newspaper, the Santiago Times, gave a Bible lesson to Christians, to show why they should take precautions. Someone knows the Bible well, the examples are well-chosen and the lesson is easy to follow. It seems strange when the press tries to help, instead of the usual angry partisan hysteria. They didn’t blame, they just gave their best advice. “The godly offer good counsel; they teach right from wrong.” (Psalm 37:30) READ: Protect Yourself! Don’t Test God!

Church (Igesia de Mauque) in the Andean Mountains of Chile. Photo: Pablo Necochea/Flickr/Creative Commons

Church under attack in Chile

According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), since December 2015, arsonists have burned 16 churches to the ground in the provinces of Araucania and Bio-Bio, Chile. The latest church destroyed was San Andres Chapel, which unknown assailants torched on August 9, 2016. Most of the attacks occurred at night while the buildings were empty, but not all of them. A June 9th attack took a more sinister twist when masked men entered the church during an evening service at Senor Evangelical Church in Temuco, Araucania. The armed men ordered the people out before burning the church to the ground. Then in the middle of June when fire fighters and police responded to another church fire set in the middle of the night, they came under gun-fire from unknown assailants. The shooters injured one police officer. The attacks are quite puzzling as Chile has no real history of church attacks as nearly 90% of Chileans consider themselves Christian, either Catholic or protestant. Fires were set at both evangelical and Catholic churches. Though it is uncertain who the …