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Rioters cheer as Chilean church burns to ground

Santiago, Chile

We need to understand that those on the extreme left hate Christians and perhaps the clearest example of this is what happened after rioters set fire to La Asunción church in Chile and cheered as its spire collapsed to the ground.

The Daily Caller explains:

Masked protestors filmed and cheered as the burning spire of a Chilean church crashed to the ground Sunday night, video shows.

Protests and riots erupted in Chile’s capital city of Santiago over the weekend ahead of a referendum on whether to throw out the country’s constitution, the Wall Street Journal reported. Demonstrators looted stores, vandalized buildings, and set churches on fire on the anniversary of the beginning of the massive 2019 protests against the government.

READ: ‘An Expression Of Brutality’: Protestors Cheer As Torched Church Burns To The Ground In Chile

Below is a video of the spire collapsing and the left-wing extremists cheering:

According to the Wall Street Journal, protestors in Chile peacefully gather during the day, but turn violent when darkness sets in. Perhaps Jesus explained it best when He said:

19 This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil. (John 3:19 NASV)

Of course, to better understand left-wing extremism, we need to understand a bit about Karl Marx, the founder of modern communism:

In his poem entitled The Player, Karl Marx wrote these words:

“The hellish vapours rise and fill the brain, till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed.

See this sword? The prince of darkness sold it to me.”

It is becoming increasingly clear, that we are not involved in a political battle, but a spiritual one.

Of course, it is not just happening in Chile:

Canada: READ: Updated: GSPS investigation into religious statue beheadings comes to a stand-still

Florida: READ: Jesus statue found beheaded at Catholic church; archdiocese wants incident investigated as hate crime

Britain: READ: WATCH: Man Rips Down Cross on London Church in Broad Daylight

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