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Jesus predicted increased lawlessness

When Jesus warned that people’s hearts will grow cold because of increased lawlessness in the end times (Matthew 24:12), I never once thought it would be due to politics.

I was wrong.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) is running to be governor of the state of New York. He was campaigning in Perinton, New York on Thursday night (July 21, 2022) when a 43-year-old man, David G. Jakubonis, allegedly jumped on the stage and tried to thrust a sharp weapon at Zeldon’s neck.

Fortunately, Jakubonis was immediately tackled and arrested.

But here is the lawlessness kicker.

According to reports, the accused, who the police charged with second-degree attempted assault, was released the next morning on his own recognizance, The Blaze reports. Some have alleged that the accused may have mental health issues.

Politics is producing lawlessness. Guard your heart.

READ: Man who tackled Lee Zeldin attacker ‘enraged’ that suspect was immediately released under NY bail laws AND Lee Zeldin predicts his attacker would benefit from New York’s laws — and it comes true within just hours

Zeldin even predicted this would happen:

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