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Deluge proves SUVs were invented in 1851

There are more reports that a global warming fanatic group, Tyre Extinguishers, is still prowling Britain looking for SUVs, so they can empty their tires of air.

As part of this campaign, the zealots leave a letter on the vehicle’s windshield blaming them for climate change because they are driving a gas-guzzling vehicle instead of taking a bus. Unfortunately, that doesn’t explain why they also empty the tires of electric SUVs.

But now concrete evidence is emerging that SUVs have been around a lot longer than previously thought.

It seems they were first invented in 1851 and probably earlier.

The recent massive flooding in Britain due to extreme rainfall has the eco fanatics blaming the deluge on climate change and obviously SUVs.

However, during the recent lockdowns, researchers had time to study past historical records and weather reports and discovered that a major rainfall in Britain during 1852 smashed the flooding that took place this year. In fact, it wasn’t even close.

The Daily Mail writes:

Heavy rainfall may be associated with flash floods and the modern-day battle against climate change.

But a new study led by the Met Office and the University of Reading shows it’s nothing new – in fact, newly recovered data from the Victorian era has ‘smashed’ current rainfall records. 

Millions of archived rainfall records dating back nearly 200 years have been ‘rescued’ by thousands of volunteers during Covid lockdown, as part of the ‘Rainfall Rescue’ project.

So this leads us to conclude one of two things.

First, there are natural forces contributing to global warming and since the eco fanatics say that is impossible, then we can only conclude that SUVs were invented sometime prior to 1852.

READ: Extreme weather is NOTHING new: Victorian rainfall data reveals the driest year on record was 1855 – with widespread flooding in the winter of 1852 AND Eco warrior zealots let down gym instructor’s tyre and leave hectoring letter on her windscreen branding her ‘vain’ for driving a ‘gas guzzling’ SUV

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