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A judge finally releases Canadian freedom protestor on bail

Good news: A judge has finally released Freedom Convoy 2022 organizer, Tamara Lich, on $25,000 bail. People were shocked when Ontario Court Justice Julie Bourgeois initially refused this request, since Lich was only charged with mischief.

In fact, it took a second court hearing and the National Post reports on what the Judge had to say about the Justice Bourgeois’ decision to refuse bail:

“Superior Court Justice John Johnston said an earlier judge made “errors in law” in her Feb. 22 decision to deny Lich bail — he said that the charges she faces are at a “lower scale” than other offences where bail was granted.

And here is how the Justice Centre, who is representing Lich in the proceedings, described Justice Bourgeois’s initial refusal:

“People accused of drug trafficking, illegal firearms possession and violent offences are routinely granted freedom prior to trial,” said Carpay. A Justice Centre news release describes Lich as a “political prisoner.”

And the National Post added this tidbit of information on Justice Bourgeois. Apparently, she ran, unsuccessfully, as an MP for Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberal Party:

Bourgeois ran as a Liberal candidate in 2011, before she was appointed as a judge, and Lich’s lawyer produced a video of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lavishing praise upon Bourgeois as a federal candidate. That video clip referenced in court predated Trudeau’s time as party leader and as prime minister.”

READ: Freedom Convoy protest organizer Tamara Lich granted bail after review

Canadian Banks froze more than just the bank accounts of protestors

After the RCMP provided lists of truck protestor accounts that Canadian banks needed to freeze, apparently they took it a step further and even froze accounts of people who were not on the list.

The Globe and Mail explains:

“The Canadian Bankers Association told MPs Monday that a “small number” of additional accounts were frozen under the Emergencies Act based on the banks’ own “risk-based” reviews and were not on a list of names provided by the RCMP.”

READ: Banks went beyond RCMP list of names in freezing a ‘small number’ of accounts under Emergencies Act: Bankers Association

Once flagged, always flagged?

And apparently, those accounts targeted by the RCMP will be red-flagged for the rest of their lives:

Blacklock’s Reporter writes:

“Freedom Convoy sympathizers whose accounts were frozen by cabinet order will have their files marked for life, the Canadian Bankers Association said yesterday. Bankers also disclosed they froze accounts of individuals who never appeared on an RCMP blacklist of 257 names: “If in fact they illegitimately froze a bank account they would face zero legal consequences.”

READ (behind firewall): Flag Frozen Accounts For Life

Why was Trudeau forced to use the backdoor while visiting the British Prime Minister?

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is in Europe to provide his wisdom on how to deal with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Prime Minister also arranged a visit with Britain’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and was forced to use the back door at 10 Downing Street because of protestors who were saying some not nice things about Trudeau:

READ: FIRST READING: Europe rolls its eyes at Justin Trudeau, but the Queen was nice to him

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