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Paranoia: Female Canadian protest organizer appears in court wearing shackles?

Freedom Convoy 2022 protestors, in front of Canada’s Parliament buildings, calling for an end of the vaccine mandates.
Credit:Véronic Gagnon/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

There are disturbing images emerging about the recent court appearance of Tamara Lich, who was one of the organizers of the peaceful Freedom Convoy 2022.

The protest was closed down after Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergency Act, stating that the peaceful protest was a security threat to Canada.

Apparently, Lich is such a threat to Canada’s security, the courts have refused bail and at a recent court hearing, she actually had shackles around her ankles.

LifeSite News reports:

Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich appeared in court today wearing shackles around her ankles as she sought a bail review.

Last week, Lich was denied bail by a judge who ran for the Liberal Party of Canada in 2011 and was praised by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the time.

The judge stated that her continued detainment was necessary “for the safety and protection of the public.” In contrast, Freedom Convoy organizer Chris Barber was not denied bail and allowed to go home.

READ: Freedom Convoy organizer shackled in court as she appeals denial of bail by Liberal judge

Understanding the Canadian government’s paranoia over the Freedom protests

Paranoia #1: Fleeing when no one is pursuing you

There was a recent article in the Daily Mail suggesting that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has now pulled ahead of Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, as the world’s hottest-looking national leader.

READ: Hotter than Trudeau! Ukrainian president’s defiant heroics and combat gear photos defending Kyiv turn him into an unlikely sex symbol

But good looks are where the similarity ends. When peaceful truck protestors announced they were heading to Ottawa with their bouncy castles, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fled into hiding. READ: Trudeau Flees from Convoy of Truckers, Moved to Secret Location with His Family

Meanwhile, facing actual danger through Russian tanks, artillery, missiles, and soldiers, Zelensky has bravely refused to leave Kyiv.

Paranoia #2: Believing the peaceful protestors were rapists:

Of course, then there was the threat that the Ottawa protestors and their bouncy castles were rapists:

Paranoia #3: Believing the trucker protest was funded by international money:

Paranoia #4: Believing the protest donators were terrorists:

The Toronto Sun explains:

A senior official with the federal government’s intelligence unit responsible for preventing the financing of terrorist and money-laundering activities says the typical person who donated money to the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa posed no security threat to Canada. […]

MacKillop responded that wasn’t the motive of the typical person who donated.“Certainly, there were people who supported the cause before it was declared illegal,” MacKillop noted.

“So I think that there were people around the world who were fed up with COVID, who were upset and saw the demonstrations against COVID (mandates) and I believe that they just wanted to support the cause.”

“It was … their own money, so it wasn’t money that funded terrorism, or that was in any way money-laundering.”

READ: Federal intelligence expert says Freedom Convoy donors no threat

Paranoia #5: Believing the peaceful protest was an occupation:

Of course, Prime Minister Trudeau was convinced that the peaceful protest was an occupation:

Viva Frei, a lawyer and YouTuber, on the detainment of Tamara Lich:

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