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Paranoia: Female Canadian protest organizer appears in court wearing shackles?

There are disturbing images emerging involving the court appearance of Tamara Lich, who was one of the organizers of the peaceful Freedom Convoy 2022.

Is Satan manipulating Vladimir Putin through a spirit of fear?

A curious story emerging out of the Russian invasion of Ukraine involves a Roman Catholic priest in Ukraine who is performing a ‘ritual’ exorcism on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Father Tykhon Kulbaka, who made the announcement on Facebook on Feb. 25, 2002, believes an evil spirit is influencing Putin and the priest has committed to performing this exorcism daily during the war. Faithwire reports that there are two levels of exorcism in the Roman Catholic Church, major and minor. Major exorcisms are intended for people whose bodies have been possessed by an evil spirit, and minor is for those who are being unduly influenced by an evil spirit. It seems, that the priest is performing the latter on behalf of Putin. I have no doubt that evil spirits can influence political leaders. In the book of Daniel, we read after defeating the demonic spirit over Persia (Prince of Persia Daniel 10:12-13), a godly angel took a position in the spiritual realm beside the Persian King to strengthen and protect him (Daniel 11:1). This …