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‘Uncontrollable Hair Syndrome’ is real

Locklan’s ‘Uncontrollable Hair Syndrome’ Credit: Instagram video capture

There is a cute story about a one-year-old boy from Georgia, USA, Locklan Samples, who has what is technically called the ‘Uncontrollable Hair Syndrome’.

According to The Blaze, this is actually a real syndrome that affects about 100 people around the world. It only impacts the hair, making it completely uncontrollable, and is passed down from their parents.

Locklan’s mother, Katelyn Samples, explained she had never heard of the syndrome until someone made the comment on an Instagram post after seeing her son’s hair.

“We get a lot of comments about him looking like a dandelion, and that’s actually a very accurate description of appearance and how it feels,” Samples said. “His hair is extremely soft, like a little baby chick. People will ask to touch it, which is fine with us, as long as people ask.”

But Locklan won’t have it forever. According to doctors, the hair typically starts calming down when a child enters puberty.

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