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WEF’s digital ID plan to track and control what you do

Based out of Geneva, Switzerland, the World Economic Forum (WEF), founded by Klaus Schwab, is an organization made up of left-wing political, academic, and economic elitists (billionaires) who want to institute a new world order, often referred to as the Great Reset.

And of course, they have been suggesting the COVID pandemic is an opportunistic time to implement their plan to embrace climate change and shift away from capitalism.

But there is more going on than just that.

Citing a WEF report, The Blaze alleges that the WEF is behind efforts to institute a digital ID that would track everything you do and ultimately control what you can do.

The Blaze explains:

The World Economic Forum recently published a new 46-page report detailing its Orwellian plan to control pretty much everything in your life. The report, called Advancing Digital Agency: The Power of Data Intermediaries describes a digital ID system that would collect personal data about your online behavior, purchase history, network usage, medical history, travel history, energy uses, health stats, and more. This data would then be used to determine who could open bank accounts, conduct financial transactions, access insurance, health care treatment, book trips, cross borders, and more.

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