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Is Satan manipulating Vladimir Putin through a spirit of fear?

Russian President Vladimir Putin dressed in a yellow hazmat outfit while visiting a Russian hospital in 2020.
Credit: Commons 4.0

A curious story emerging out of the Russian invasion of Ukraine involves a Roman Catholic priest in Ukraine who is performing a ‘ritual’ exorcism on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Father Tykhon Kulbaka, who made the announcement on Facebook on Feb. 25, 2002, believes an evil spirit is influencing Putin and the priest has committed to performing this exorcism daily during the war.

Faithwire reports that there are two levels of exorcism in the Roman Catholic Church, major and minor. Major exorcisms are intended for people whose bodies have been possessed by an evil spirit, and minor is for those who are being unduly influenced by an evil spirit.

It seems, that the priest is performing the latter on behalf of Putin.

I have no doubt that evil spirits can influence political leaders. In the book of Daniel, we read after defeating the demonic spirit over Persia (Prince of Persia Daniel 10:12-13), a godly angel took a position in the spiritual realm beside the Persian King to strengthen and protect him (Daniel 11:1).

This godly influence resulted in the Persian kings allowing the Jews to return to the Promised Land after years of captivity.

But this account also reveals that evil spirits are similarly desiring to influence political leaders, but with the goal of inducing them to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).

It is not just demonic spirits that can influence us, fear also has the ability to control us.

In Romans 8:15, Paul writes when we are saved, believers are no longer subject to slavery to fear.

The verse suggests that when we allow fear into our lives, it literally becomes our master. It controls our actions. Our decisions are no longer based on rational thought, but rather reactions to our inner fears.

In the Book of Proverbs, we are told that the wicked flee when no one is pursuing them (Proverbs 28:1). In other words, people controlled by fear start believing and reacting to imaginary enemies

I have wondered for several months if there is a demonic element to the COVID pandemic, as many who caught the virus reported experiencing a darkness, that they never had with other illnesses.

If this is true, does this suggest that the satanic realm is using the COVID pandemic to induce fear, so it can more easily manipulate and control people?

The Daily Mail reports that there are increasing concerns about the mental well-being of Vladimir Putin, who is apparently hiding out in a bunker surrounded by only his most loyal associates and yes men during the Russia Ukraine war.

According to several reports, Putin developed an inordinate fear of COVID during the pandemic.

And now, hunkered down in the bunker, Putin is requiring his inner circle to have their fecal samples tested multiple times a week. He also requires them to isolate for two weeks prior to one-on-one meetings.

During the pandemic, it was obvious that Putin had withdrawn from public life. He was noticeably absent from the campaign trail during Russia’s parliamentary elections.

Any journalists wanting to interview the president had to self-isolate for at least a week before the meeting, and this included Russian Olympic medallists who had been invited to meet with the President.

Even though he is fully vaccinated, when Putin met with foreign dignitaries, photos emerged of Putin sitting on one end of a massive boardroom table with the foreign visitor on the other end. They were easily separated by 20 to 30 feet (ca. 9 m) of the table.

But the degree of Putin’s COVID fear clearly showed up when he visited a Russian hospital in 2020 and arrived dressed in a full hazmat suit (photo above).

In an interview with The Times, Tatiana Stanovaya, an analyst with R.Politik, addressed the growing concerns about Putin’s growing paranoia.

He [Putin] has withdrawn into himself a lot during the past two years, Stanovaya said. “He has become distanced from the bureaucratic machinery, from the establishment, from the elite. He spends a lot of time alone stewing in his own fears and thoughts.’

The Daily Mail also noted the comments of a neuropsychologist how fear as the ability to compromise a person’s mental ability:

“What’s more, the isolation caused by the pandemic itself could have left the 69-year-old even further detached from reality, with one neuropsychologist claiming the ‘progressive isolation’ could have led to hubris syndrome, which ‘diminished his ability to weigh up risk’.

With a paranoid Russian president threatening a nuclear option in the Russia-Ukraine war, believers need to start praying for God to intervene.

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  1. I think any leader in a position that is not in the popularity would have the same approach. I don’t want to overthink what is going on. Why would fear caused by satan realm through COVID only impact leaders, and Russia’s only?

    I am not favoring Putin here. I am noting that the rest of the world has the same flaws and evil nature. I just hope to read your commentary on the lack of action by the US, UK, NATO, etc. in favor of Ukraine. Sending money and bombs are quite elitist, no blood on their hands. If that is what they truly think (not worth their blood), then probably should not provoked from the start.


  2. Anders says

    Putin is an example on a person that the devil has occupated. lies, killing, hate, he no everthing best, he kill all people that stress him. He have all the same things that the devil stands for. He also now that there is no hope more for him.


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