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Germany: Anti-Christian attacks increased by 150% in 2020

Sigmaringen Castle in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

According to the Observatory on Intolerance against Christians in Europe (OIDAC), the number of anti-Christian attacks in Germany increased by 150% between 2019 and 2020.

The OIDAC reports that the two main sources of these attacks were secularism and Islamic extremism.

The Daily Mail reports that the number of reported anti-Christian attacks rose from 57 in 2019 to 141 in 2020 and included seven physical assaults because of a person’s Christian beliefs. The 141 attacks only involved those officially reported to the police.

According to OIDAC, it was aware of over 170 other incidents of intolerance, including assaults, but since they were not reported to the police, were not counted in the official statistics.

This included having swastikas painted on the walls of a protestant church to reports of Christian students having their access to facilities at universities limited because of accusations of being homophobic or anti-feminist. Christian groups were not allowed to use or rent facilities, had speakers banned, and in the name of tolerance, were prevented from distributing flyers. Several Christian students also reported receiving threats.

In its report, OIDAC stated:

Some of the ideologies that infuse the secular intolerance that is at play in politics and universities today are specifically anti-Christian, like neo-Marxist undercurrents.’

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