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New Zealand: Men face jail time for smuggling contraband KFC

New Zealand police proudly display captured contraband KFC on hood of car.
Credit: Twitter capture @kimbakerwilson

The Blaze is reporting that two New Zealand men are facing jail time for breaking curfew when they allegedly tried to smuggle in three buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) complete with french fires and ten cups of coleslaw into the country’s capital city, Auckland.

The New Zealand government has resorted to some of the most Draconian COVID lockdowns in the world, because of its abysmal failure to provide vaccines. According to reports, only 37% of New Zealanders have been fully vaccinated.

Under its current lockdown, the government forbids restaurants from opening in parts of the country, including Auckland.

Police first became suspicious when they saw a car travelling down a gravel road near the country’s capital, and when they approached the vehicle, it quickly turned around and sped away.

Though the police proudly displayed a photo of the confiscated KFC on the hood of their car, they were unable to provide an estimated street value of the illegal food, but undoubtedly this is the most valuable haul of contraband KFC, captured this year.

The police stated they also found NZ$100,000 in the vehicle, but did not provide details if this was from the illicit distribution of KFC.

According to reports, the men who are aged 23 and 30 could face fines upwards of $4,000 and prison time of six months for violating the COVID curfew.

READ: Two men face prison time for  allegedly breaking COVID lockdown by smuggling buckets of KFC chicken and french fries

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