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From ‘ashes’ to a ‘crown of beauty’: The story behind Anne Wilson’s ‘My Jesus’

Nineteen-year-old Christian singer, Anne Wilson, expressed her shock and gratitude on how here inaugural song, “My Jesus,” climbed to No. 1 on the Christian Billboard after its release five months ago. In an interview with Billboard, Wilson who co-authored the song along with contemporary Christian singer Matthew West, and music producer Jeff Pardo stated that she has been overwhelmed by the response to the song: “I’ve been blown away by how God has been using My Jesus to impact so many lives. I’m so honored that He chose me to be His vessel for this specific time and season. My favorite part so far has been seeing people sing My Jesus at shows to the top of their lungs and hearing stories of how they’ve been impacted by the song. I would’ve never dreamed that God would use this song in such a mighty way.” The song has ministered to people’s hearts, because it addresses the struggles that many have faced over the past year and a half. But there is more to this story. …

New Zealand: Men face jail time for smuggling contraband KFC

The Blaze is reporting that two New Zealand men are facing jail time for breaking curfew when they allegedly tried to smuggle in three buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) complete with french fires and ten cups of coleslaw into the country’s capital city, Auckland. The New Zealand government has resorted to some of the most Draconian COVID lockdowns in the world, because of its abysmal failure to provide vaccines. According to reports, only 37% of New Zealanders have been fully vaccinated. Under its current lockdown, the government forbids restaurants from opening in parts of the country, including Auckland. Police first became suspicious when they saw a car travelling down a gravel road near the country’s capital, and when they approached the vehicle, it quickly turned around and sped away. Though the police proudly displayed a photo of the confiscated KFC on the hood of their car, they were unable to provide an estimated street value of the illegal food, but undoubtedly this is the most valuable haul of contraband KFC, captured this year. The …

Drugs used for other diseases may treat Alzheimer’s: Where have we heard this before?

Alzheimer’s is a deadly and heartbreaking neurological disease as families watch loved ones disappear. But researchers at a medical center in Queensland, Australia, believe that other drugs, already designated safe for human use for other conditions, may prove effective in fighting off the effects of the neurodegenerative disorder.

Evidence discovered of Sodom and Gomorrah judgment?

Archaeologists working on the Tall el-Hammam site in the South Jordan Valley, state they may have found the location of either Sodom or Gomorrah, the Biblical cities recorded as being destroyed by fire as part of God’s judgment. The site is located just north-east of the Dead Sea. According to the Daily Mail, researchers from UC Santa Barbara released a statement on Sept 20, 2021, reporting they had discovered a 1.5 meter layer (five foot) that suggested the city had been destroyed by extreme heat. This includes finding shards of pottery where the outer layer had been turned into glass and as well ‘bubbled’ mud brick and examples of building material being melted. They also found human bones that had been totally obliterated by what they believe was some type of blast. And the orange tinge found on human skull bones suggested it must have included temperatures in excess of 200 degrees. They also found cracked quartz particles. Quartz is considered the hardest minerals known to man and only cracks under extreme heat and pressure. …

Poll: Have universities become re-education camps?

According to a recent survey reported by The College Fix, a ‘freedom of speech’ organization for university students, over half the students on US Campuses said they hold back on expressing their opinions on social or political issues during classes over fears of mockery or rejection and by fears that their grades will be reduced for holding opinions not approved by their professor.

HS football team gathers for prayer after school board orders ban on teacher-led prayer

After a Tennessee school board told teachers and coaches last week that they could no longer lead their school teams in prayer, several players, cheerleaders, fans and parents associated with Putnam County football team took matters into their own hands and gathered on the field after a recent game to pray.

Sirius disrupts astronomers

Sirius B is a white dwarf star about 8.6 light years away. It is about the same size as our sun. Because Sirius B is a white dwarf star, this means it is in the process of collapsing and according to prevailing astronomical theories it takes about 100,000 years for a red star to transform into a white star. But there is a huge problem and according to Creation Moments, Sirius B was part of a major discussion at a conference at Louisiana State University in 1978. Sirius B is disrupting these long held evolutionary theories on the formation of the universe, because archaeological records indicate that Sirius B was a red star just 2,000 years ago. Creation Moments explains: Records of Egyptian astronomers dating back to 2,000 BC describe Sirius B as a red star. The Roman senator Cicero, writing in 50 BC, also said Sirius B was red. And Seneca described Sirius as being redder than Mars. And in 150 AD, Ptolemy, one of the most famous astronomers in history, listed Sirius as …

Art of Apology

When do you apologize? Some people never seem to be sorry about anything they do or say. Others seem to start every conversation with I’m sorry but… There must be rules about apologizing. My granddaughter tells me there are rules to cancelling people. I only found this out because I jokingly cancel her about five times a week. Now I know there are rules to cancelling, I can’t just willy-nilly do it. Sometimes I don’t like rules. Normally, I am quick to apologize when I hurt someone or crossed a line into someone’s boundaries. And most of us do apologize when we believe we have done something wrong. One of the problems with this is that sometimes, many times these days, it seems, we don’t know we have done anything wrong, or we don’t believe we need to apologize. The times in which we don’t know we are in the wrong may include saying things that we used to be able to say but now are censored. Examples of these are when an older person …