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Volcanic eruption hits Las Palma

Las Palma
Credit: Matti Mattila/Wikipedia/ Creative Commons 2.0

Las Palma, that is part of the Canary Islands, was hit by both a 3.8 earthquake and another volcanic eruption overnight.

The popular tourist destination, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Africa, has a population of 80,000 people.

The volcanic eruptions started on Sunday and the Daily Mail reports that so far 6,000 have been forced out of their homes and over 166 houses have been destroyed.

Images have emerged of burning villas and boiling water in swimming pools as molten lava flowed from a new vent that opened overnight.

There are concerns that the lava flow could hit the ocean sometime today and create a deadly cloud of hydrochloric acid.

There have also been reports of thousands of mini earthquakes on the island.

READ: Burning lava swallows up holiday villas and boils swimming pools as La Palma volcano opens a new mouth forcing fresh evacuations amid warnings of poison gas cloud when molten rock reaches the ocean TODAY

As we enter the end times, we are told to expect both an increase in volcanic eruptions (Joel 2:30-31) and earthquakes (Matt 24:7).

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