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Did Dustin Tavella receive a word of knowledge about his ‘America’s Got Talent’ victory?

I have to admit sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between the spiritual gifts of a ‘word of knowledge’ or ‘prophecy’, but one of them seems to have been in action in the life of America’s Got Talent’s (AGT) 2021 winner, Christian magician Dustin Tavella.

In an interview with Access after the win, Tavella shared how three years earlier, his wife, Kari, during a time of prayer, received an impression that Tavella would win America’s Got Talent.

After she mentioned that to her husband, Tavella said, ‘You’re crazy but thank you.’

So, Tavella auditioned for AGT and even though he was rejected twice, Kari kept insisting he was going to win it and even showed her husband how she had written it down on her phone.

The third time he was accepted, and while he was on the show, Kari kept telling Dustin he was going to win. Tavella told her to stop, stating he was just happy to get to the next round.

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