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Poll: Have universities become re-education camps?

There have been several stories of students being forced to go to court to be allowed to express opinions on campus, not approved by university administrators. READ: Supreme Court Sides with Christian Student After College Blocked Him from Sharing Gospel

But perhaps there is even a bigger threat to free speech on American universities, self-censorship.

According to a recent survey reported by The College Fix, a ‘freedom of speech’ organization for university students, over half the students on US Campuses said they hold back on expressing their opinions on social or political issues during classes over fears of mockery or rejection and by fears that their grades will be reduced for holding opinions not approved by their professor.

The survey, conducted by, stated that overall 52% of students stated that they ‘often’ or ‘always’ hold back expressing their opinions in classes.

When broken down by political leanings:

  • 55% of conservative students said they ‘always’ or ‘often’ hold back expressing their opinions.
  • 52% of moderates did the same, and
  • Nearly half of students who called themselves liberals, 49%, even held back their opinions. (Apparently, even liberal views are too right wing for some university professors.)

READ: Half of college students fear expressing ideas in the classroom: survey

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