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Rules for thee, but not for Gov. Gretchen

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan COO Tricia Foster having a meal in a restaurant over the May 23, 2021 weekend in violation of Gov. Gretchen’s lockdown order. (Facebook)

On May 15, 2021 Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued a lockdown order that prohibited more than six people at a table for indoor restaurant dining. The order also forbid patrons at different tables from intermingling.

Over the May 23, 2021 weekend, the people of Michigan discovered that the Gretchen’s new lockdown rule apparently only applied to commoners, after Breitbart released a photo of Gov. Gretchen along with one of her aides breaking the Governor’s lockdown rule by having a meal with over double the limit.

One of the people at the meal involving 13 guests posted a photo to Facebook and then quickly deleted it, but not before someone captured a screenshot of it.

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Gretchen later apologized for allowing the picture to be taken, err for breaking her own lockdown rule.

One person tweeted this response to Gov. Gretchen’s photo:

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