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EU plays games with Canada’s vaccines

The incompetence of the EU and its bureaucracy was on full display, when it recently restricted vaccines being produced in the European Union destined for Canada. This has resulted in a shortfall in vaccines previously ordered by the Canadian government.

While the rest of the world was busily putting in their orders for the vaccines, the EU bureaucrats were doing what they were best at, nothing. Britain put in its order for vaccines months before the EU did and with production going to other countries, the EU countries are among the least vaccinated in the world.

Outraged by its incompetence, but blaming the other countries that weren’t, the EU is trying to restrict shipments destined to other countries in a desperate attempt to increase the EU’s supply. READ: EU Bureaucrats Try to Seize UK-Made Vaccines After Covid Failures

The Daily Mail explains what happened to Canada:

Canada has been dragged into the EU’s vaccine chaos with Pfizer and Moderna both cutting back deliveries from Europe while Brussels goes to war on jab exports to rescue its own stumbling vaccine roll-out.  

With no home-grown vaccines in Canada and no jabs being shipped from the United States, the country is reliant on factories in Europe to supply the doses.

But Moderna’s next shipment will be one-third smaller than expected – with only 168,000 jabs arriving instead of 250,000 – while Pfizer deliveries have seen a month-long slowdown because of delays at a manufacturing plant in Belgium. 

A Canadian government source told the Toronto Star that the EU’s new checks had hampered the delivery of Moderna supplies to countries such as Canada. 

READ: Now the EU screws Canada: Country runs out of covid vaccine after Brussels seizes veto over exports

But the failures of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were also on full display as the country has no homegrown COVID vaccine manufacturers. We could have and should have, but didn’t.

But finally the provinces are stepping up and the Canadian province of Alberta has decided to manufacture its own COVID vaccine. READ: Made-in-Canada COVID vaccine to be manufactured in Calgary; clinical trials have now begun

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