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Of course, we trust Communist China vaccines?

With Communist China manufacturers rushing to get their COVID vaccines out, reports are emerging that one of the country’s major vaccine manufacturers had previously bribed Communist officials to have its vaccines approved.

The Daily Caller explains:

The CEO of Chinese coronavirus vaccine maker Sinovac Biotech has bribed China’s drug regulator for vaccine approvals in the past, court records show.

The company is one of two front-runners in China for a coronavirus vaccine, second to state-owned Sinopharm’s vaccine which has been administered under an emergency-use program, the Washington Post reported. The vaccine is expected to be approved in Brazil and Indonesia within a few weeks.

Sinovac said that its CEO and founder, Yin Weidong, cooperated with the investigation and was not charged in the bribery case. Between 2002 and 2011, Weidong gave more than $83,000 in bribes to Yin Hongzhang, a vaccine regulatory official. In exchange, Hongzhang helped “accelerate the approval process” for Sinvoc’s vaccine certifications, the Post reported.

READ: Chinese Company Developing Coronavirus Vaccine Previously Bribed Regulators For Other Vaccine Approvals

This may explain in part why the Chinese people are refusing to take vaccines manufactured in the Communist regime.

Breitbart explains:

The Communist Party of China is struggling to convince citizens to receive influenza vaccinations to protect them in the upcoming flu season after years of corruption scandals involving faulty, watered-down, or otherwise useless vaccines, the South China Morning Post noted on Monday.

READ: China Struggling to Convince Citizens to Take Chinese-Made Flu Shots

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Then in addition to reports of the Coronavirus leaking out of a level 4 virology lab in Wuhan, there have reportedly been leaks at vaccine manufacturers in the Communist regime. READ: 6,000+ People Infected from Chinese Vaccine Factory Leak AND Did coronavirus originate in Chinese government laboratory?

I think the theme for the day is buyer beware?

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