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But they are not allowed to shake hands?

I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or celebrate. There is a story coming out of Ohio about the strange, bewildering lockdown regulations being imposed by the Ohio High School Athletic Associated on athletes participating in wrestling events.

Are You Human Clutter?

There are times in which we find our lives busy and cluttered. During those times, my desk looks like a bomb went off and my office is so jammed with donations and ministry material that I can barely open the door. While busyness and clutter go hand in hand, there are different kinds of clutter? Some clutter comprises the things we need. It is necessary stuff that just needs to be organized. There is another category of clutter that is stuff we don’t need but want. This stuff needs to be either discarded or put in a place that is not taking up the area of the things we require. The third pile of clutter includes the things we neither want nor need. This stuff just needs to be shovelled into the debris pile and out of the house. As difficult as it is to deal with these categories of clutter, there are even worse types of clutter. Clutter that we almost always avoid dealing with. Human clutter! There are people in our lives that …

Chart: Justin Trudeau’s financial incompetence

Since the COVID crisis started, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has gone on an absolute spending spree and left all countries facing the same crisis in his wake as the chart below reveals. What many of the younger generation who voted for Trudeau don’t realize yet is that they are the ones who will ultimately be paying for Trudeau’s massive overspending. Debt is just delayed unpaid taxes.

The Covid Crisis: Are you ready for the virtual God?

We are living in strange times, and this is a very strange year. I don’t want to criticize the authorities who must make hard choices, but some restrictions are strange. Where I live, the government and the medical authorities are being cautious with social restrictions. We are mostly warned to be careful, and given good advice. I haven’t heard about fines or arrests for breaking the rules. My work, for the government, is high-risk, and I have a generous supply of spray cleaner and hand disinfectant. I also have training on how to use the cleaners and stay safe. A neighbor goes to a church near us and they are probably still refusing to wear masks in their services. No one is talking about this in the news, my neighbor told me when I met him in the back alley. Do you believe in God? If you are a believer, what tells you to believe? What are the signals that you need? Do you attend a church or a temple, a mosque or a synagogue, …

Will the ‘star’ of Bethlehem appear on Dec. 21, 2020?

According to Matthew, a star appeared telling the Magi of the East that a new King of the Jews had been born (Matthew 2:1-2). After they arrived in Jerusalem, a star then led the group to Bethlehem where they were able to bring gifts and worship the newly born Jesus (Matthew 2:9-11). Some suggest, we may be witnessing the same celestial phenomena that the magi saw on Dec. 20-21, 2020, when the planet Jupiter will align in front of Saturn producing a significantly brighter light in the night sky.