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Revolutionary Marxists causing chaos in Britain

So, do countries have the right to deport non-citizens who have committed serious criminal acts such as rape and murder after serving at least part of their sentences? Most normal people would say yes, but a group of revolutionary Marxists in that country, joined by labour politicians and celebrities, say no.

The Daily Mail explains.

A revolutionary group of activists led by two long-standing Marxists is waging the campaign to halt deportations of foreign criminals.

The Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessary has used social media to mobilise opposition to the flights returning criminals including murderers, rapists and drug dealers. The group is working to halt three more deportation flights to European countries this week.

The group is led by Tony Gard, 79, and Karen Doyle, 46, long-standing Marxists who have been involved in far-Left political activity for decades, according to The Times.

READ: How a revolutionary group of activists led by two veteran Marxists are waging campaign to stop foreign criminals being deported from Britain

According to the Daily Mail, the Marxist duo are part of the Revolutionary Internationalist League, the British franchise of the International Trotskyist Committee for the Political Regeneration of the Fourth International.

In America, founders of the Black Lives Matter organization claimed to be trained Marxists. The yet unanswered question is trained by whom?

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