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But they are not allowed to shake hands?

I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or celebrate. There is a story coming out of Ohio about the strange, bewildering lockdown regulations being imposed by the Ohio High School Athletic Associated (OHSAA) on athletes participating in wrestling events.

Now give credit where credit is due. OHSAA is allowing wrestlers to compete with this one requirement. After throwing each other to the mat and trying to pin their opponent to the ground, they are not allowed to shake hands before or after the match.

WND explains:

Under the general requirements listed, the OHSAA decreed, “Anyone attending a practice or game — wrestlers, coaches, officials, trainers, cheerleaders, volunteers, staff, spectators, etc.: Must conduct a symptom assessment before each practice or contest, and anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home.”

“No congregating before or after practices or games is permitted,” wrestlers are warned.

The student-athletes are also told they must “[e]liminate handshakes pre- and post-match” and “[e]liminate handshakes with coaches’ post-match.”

READ: High-school wrestlers allowed to grapple, but shaking opponent’s hand now forbidden

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