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Did suspicious suitcases in Georgia contain ballots?

Several stories are alleging potential voter fraud in Georgia. After counters and those monitoring the vote at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena were told to go home, security video footage allegedly reveals that a few people then stayed behind and began to pull suitcases out from beneath the tables that some believe contained ballots.

Newsmax reports:

A private security firm inside Atlanta’s State Farm Arena provided the surveillance video to Trump campaign lawyers at 1 a.m. ET on Thursday, attorney Jacki Pick said Thursday on Newsmax TV’s “Stinchfield.”

“Yes, people were sent home, told to stop working, stop counting, but some people stayed behind: Sure enough, just as our poll watchers – well, our monitors – had said,” Pick maintained.

Pick, who presented the evidence to the state Senate earlier on Thursday, said the video shows suitcases being pulled from under a table covered by a black cloth — purportedly holding thousands of ballots.

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In addition to this, Sean Hannity, a commentator on Fox News, alleges other videos show similar disturbing incidents.

Fox News reports:

Hannity said another video, taken near Sparks, Nev., shows people in pro-Biden attire “offering Visa gift cards, jewelry and other swag” to Native Americans at the Reno-Sparks colony who could “show [they] voted.”

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