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Separating the question of election fraud from conspiracy madness and the insurrection

Dr. Michael L. Brown As we are now three months out from the elections and almost one month removed from the storming of the Capitol, we can step back, catch our breath, and reassess where we stand. Emotions are calming down, the news cycle is less intense, and fanatical voices are being separated from reasonable voices. Yet one thing remains constant: millions of fair-minded Americans still believe there was serious election fraud. This is an issue that simply will not disappear. These people are not wild-eyed white supremacists (or even non-wild-eyed white supremacists). To the contrary, they are as mortified as anyone over the events of January 6th. They cannot simply be dismissed as cult-like followers of Trump, people whose reasoning powers have atrophied. Nor can they be written off as unhinged conspiracy theorists, as many of them (most of them?) have never read a QAnon post in their lives. Yet they still have serious concerns about the trustworthiness of our electoral process, and the more the mainstream media states that there is zero evidence …

A big problem with political polls

Polls are coming out daily for the upcoming US federal election. But I want to talk to you about a big problem with polling. After a person tells a pollster who they intend to vote for, it involves finding out how strong the person’s support for that particular candidate or party actually is. Many years ago, I worked for a political party in Canada. And of course we did a lot of polling. Now the political landscape is a bit different in Canada than the US. In Canada, we have three viable political parties, a conservative party (often goes by different names in different provinces), a Liberal Party and the NDP (extreme left).