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Election drama continues: Lawsuits launched

In what is promising to be an interesting few weeks, the Trump campaign has launched several lawsuits in relation to the recent federal election. It is a long shot. If these accusations of voter fraud are legitimate, will they be significant enough to overturn elections?

The Daily Caller explains:

President Donald Trump hopes to regain election momentum from former Vice President Joe Biden with a series of lawsuits.

The Trump campaign filed suits in three states on Wednesday — Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania — and is having conversations about potentially filing a similar suit in Arizona. All of the suits seek to halt mail-ballot counting until campaign operatives are granted some type of “meaningful access” to ballot counting locations and are allowed to review all previously opened and counted ballots to verify the tally.

Campaign manager Bill Stepien said that each suit is aimed at maintaining election “integrity.”

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The Daily Wire provides the reasoning behind these lawsuits:

On Saturday night, Fox News correspondent John Roberts highlighted numerous new legal actions that President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is taking as it seeks to continue its fight for a second term in the White House. […]

“The legal action is flying fast and furious,” Roberts told Fox News host Shannon Bream. “You mentioned Arizona, specifically Maricopa County, the Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit alleging that many in-person votes were rejected because people who came in to vote had accidentally overvoted, that is voted accidentally for two people for the same office.”

Roberts said that the lawsuit alleges that those ballots were “rejected as opposed to being allowed to correct their ballots.”

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(Note these are only allegations at this point):

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