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Did suspicious suitcases in Georgia contain ballots?

Several stories are alleging potential voter fraud in Georgia. After counters and those monitoring the vote at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena were told to go home, security video footage allegedly reveals that a few people then stayed behind and began to pull suitcases out from beneath the tables that some believe contained ballots.

SHOCK: Georgia ended COVID lockdown on April 24 & the world didn’t end

Many experts and mainstream media hit hysteria mode after Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp, announced he would start ending the state’s lockdown on April 24, 2020. But the stats are in. Georgia has rejoined the world. The state still exists. People are back at work and guess what the Coronavirus cases remain flat. This leads to an even bigger question: Do lockdowns even work? READ: Georgia reopened and so far has seen no ‘noticeable change’ in daily new coronavirus cases