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God’s love confronts angry protestor

When speaking of what would be happening in the end times, Jesus warned His followers that the love of many will grow cold. And Christ even provided the reason why this would happen, he said it would be due to an increase in lawlessness.

12 Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold. (Matthew 24:12 NASV)

And because we are witnessing a growing lawlessness during these days, everyone, including believers, needs to guard their hearts because this spirit will try to infect everyone to varying degrees.

Which is why it was so encouraging to read the story about how believers responded when a man entered a church service in Chicago with the intent of disrupting and protesting what was taking place.

It took place during an outdoor service on September 29, sponsored by Sean Feucht, a worship leader who has been holding outdoor services across the county.

Increasingly, Sean has been meeting resistance from local authorities who on one hand will allow Black Lives Matter protests to go on unhindered, but when believers try to hold an outdoor service, as they did in Chicago, the police were there to ensure that Sean and his team could not unload their equipment.

It would be easy to react and become angry about this inherent unfairness, but Sean pressed ahead. During this ‘acoustic’ service, an angry white man, wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt, walked into this crowd worshippers shouting and screaming in an effort to disrupt the service.

In a post on Facebook, Sean explains what happened next.

This guy showed up in Chicago screaming, yelling and trying to stop the worship (which was already acoustic as the police were ordered by the mayor to ban us from using our equipment🤪).


A local pastor (in purple shirt) met this man’s intense anger with the fiery love of God. Every wall came crashing down as he wept, gave his life to Jesus and then got baptized (last pic) in the back of a truck bed that night!!!!

The Holy Spirit was there and the man was actually saved and water baptized that night. But it only happened because believers confronted the anger with love.

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