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An explosion of rage over too much mayo?

I am not sure how much a Subway sandwich costs in Atlanta, Georgia, and of course, the price varies depending on the size and type, but I am guessing around $8.00. And a subway employee was shot to death and another injured requiring emergency surgery when a customer became enraged and opened fire after an employee put too much mayo on a sub. In an interview with Fox News, the Subway manager, Willie Glenn said “Believe it or not, it was about too much mayonnaise on his sandwich. He decided to escalate the situation and from there that’s when all hell broke loose.” The police have not caught the person responsible for the murder. Though the mayo triggered the violence, it was not the cause, because whole people do not kill someone over an $8 mistake.. I suspect that the person responsible walked into that subway carrying grudges, and by his reaction, I am guessing a mountain of offenses. It reminds me of the story of the King who called for an audit of his …

Road Rage

[by Earl Blacklock] I was driving down the street, almost oblivious to anything other than my plans for the day. Going down the street in front of my destination bookstore, I spotted the only parking spot, an angled spot directly in front. Life was good! After I parked, as I was about to open my door, I heard, then saw an outraged man shouting – nay, screaming at me. He was almost incoherent, but I managed to hear the words “You cut me off!” The man was raging at me with all the venom he could summon, demanding that I open the car door – something I quickly decided would be imprudent. Talking through the closed window, watching his clenched fists, I wondered whether he would break the window to get at me. Thankfully, after sharing with me the full extent of his expletive-filled vocabulary, he finally departed, likely thinking me properly rebuked.