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Poll: 98% of US socialists reject Biblical worldview

Bibles being burned by Portland left wing radicals on August 1, 2020
Twitter video Capture: Ian Cheong

A recent poll of 2,000 Americans conducted by the Cultural Research Center discovered that 98% of those who believe in Socialism reject Christianity and its Biblical world view.

In its news release, the Cultural Research Center stated:

More than eight out of ten (83%) integrated disciples (i.e., individuals who possess a biblical worldview) prefer capitalism to socialism. In comparison, just half of those who do not have that worldview prefer capitalism (50%). Stated differently, 98% of the adults who prefer socialism do not have a biblical worldview!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as radical leftist rioters in Portland were caught a few weeks back burning Bibles.

The poll, conducted by Barna Research Center, was interesting in another way as well. In addition to asking what people believed, it also asked what people did, to ensure that what they did corresponded with what they believed.

In an interview with the Western Journal, George Barna explained the reasoning behind this:

“People do what they believe. So if you tell me you believe something but you’re not willing to act on it, you don’t really believe it. So we’re looking for consistency between belief and behavior.”

As a result, Barna concluded though 70% of people stated they were Christian, only 6% held a Biblical Worldview.

Western Journal discussed what this meant for the upcoming US Federal election:

Barna noted in a news release that one message emerging from its results is that how people perceive life is on the ballot in November.

“The 2020 election is not about personalities, parties, or even politics. It is an election to determine the dominant worldview in America,” he said.

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Cultural Research Center news release below:

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