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My Prophetic Journey Part 5: When to share or not to share

Prophet Ezekiel on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo (1476-1564) Credit: Wikipedia

Prophet Ezekiel on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo (1476-1564) Credit: Wikipedia

[This is the fifth in a series of articles on the ministry of the prophet and gift of prophecy.]

In previous installments of My Prophetic Journey I recounted how God answered my prayer to teach me lessons in the prophetic, starting with the first two lessons. The learning continues!

Lesson 3 – When to share or not to share

Even on a lighter note, timing is no joke – ask a comedian! But, seriously – timing is vital.

When I first started to prophesy, God would give me a verse or short word at the beginning of a meeting. My blood pressure would go up, my heart would go into warp drive and I felt that if I did not share this word right now I would die.

I’m sure many can relate. I had to learn patience!

One time in particular God gave me a clear word, but I didn’t feel free to share it for several months. I felt like I was pregnant with a word and could not deliver it. Finally I was able to deliver the word, and it was obvious that it was the right time.

That was a lesson in patience!

Part of maturing in our ministry is learning to flow with God’s timing. If God gives you a clear word, relax, and ask Him who it is for, when to share, and is there more to share. You don’t need to understand the word, but you must give it in love, and in His time.

I remember in my younger days getting a great word during the worship time at a church service. Fear stepped in and I held back from speaking it out. By the end of the meeting it was flat; it was yesterday’s manna.

Another time I knew a few weeks ahead of time that God wanted me to prophesy on my drums about a storm. I was able to prepare and practice, and it worked out well.

It is normal to feel a word from the Lord burning in your heart – the Old Testament prophets often spoke of this. But blurting out the first thing God gives you wherever you are is a sign that there is some growing to do. Instead, relax, and ask the Father what His time is for the word to hit its mark.

Remember, only once in the whole Bible was God ever in a hurry, that being in the parable of the prodigal son, where the father runs to restore him. God is in control, and will give you the time you need to share the word.

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  1. Thanks Wayne for sharing from your heart on your prophetic ministry. It is a blessing and encouragement to me to read your adventure. Thank you!


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