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My Prophetic Journey Part 4: Motives

The Prophet Elijah in the wilderness being fed by crows after fleeing Jezebel by Washington Allston (1779 - 1845) Credit: Wikipedia

The Prophet Elijah being fed by crows in the wilderness after fleeing Jezebel by Washington Allston (1779 – 1845) Credit: Wikipedia

[This is the fourth in a series of articles on the ministry of the prophet and gift of prophecy.]

In my previous article, I shared how God showed me that His love should be the foundation for my life and ministry, as “Lesson 1.”

As I continued to look to Him for His lessons in the prophetic, the lessons impacting my life just kept getting better. When we leave it up to God to decide what we need to learn, it will be bound to be not what we want, but just what we need.

Lesson 2

My next lesson was all about my motives. It started with me asking God for the next lesson, so I could prophesy better, and for an answer I got silence – nothing!

I said to God, “Here I am,” and for quite some time I did not hear from God – not one word for anyone. It was embarrassing – it seemed everyone and their cousin’s dog were prophesying, but not me.

I started to worry about what people were thinking. Then what this lesson was came into clear focus: Why are you wanting to prophesy – to impress people with your gift, or to speak My word, and Mine only, in My time?

It was all about the “why,” the motive. I learned that whether I prophesied once a day or once every ten years, my motive needed to be to share God’s heart in His time.

The job of the letter carrier is not valued as much when he brings junk mail every day; it is valued when he brings the mail you need when you need it.

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