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My Prophetic Journey Part 6: Confirmation

Credit: Boris Hajdukovic/Flickr/Creative Commons

Waiting for yes. Credit: Boris Hajdukovic/Flickr/Creative Commons

[This is the sixth in a series of articles on the ministry of the prophet and gift of prophecy.]

In the last article on learning in the prophetic, I discussed the importance of timing. This is the next lesson the Lord made real to me.

Lesson 4 – Confirmation

Whenever you book a flight, a car rental, a hotel, or order a major appliance, it’s normal to get a confirmation number. When the person at the desk confirms your number, then you know that your booking or purchase is as good as in your hand – it’s done.

It seems that it’s harder to trust our Heavenly Father to confirm what He’s given us than it is to trust someone we don’t know behind a desk! How many times have I missed God’s timing because I have wanted seventy times seven confirmations!

It seems common to a lot of people being used in the prophetic that there is a definite learning curve in this. In my previous post, I described the pounding heart, dry mouth, “about to explode” feeling that would at first come with God giving a word.

I refer to this as the shallow end of the pool. As we grow, God seems to clip our water wings and lead us into the deep end, and the confirmations get more subtle. These are some things God has taught me as He had led me deeper.

Sometimes a person will ask me to pray for a word of direction for them, and within two or three seconds I will get the word. I will dutifully go home and pray about the person’s need, but God will quietly give me the same thing He gave me to start with.

If God adds no more to it, that will be what I share. I don’t want to “pad” the word just because it’s short.

I have found at times that the way God confirms a word is that every time I’m physically near the church or person it’s for, it’s like the word goes from the back burner to the front one on high.

One last tip for confirming a word, especially if time is short and I’m distracted by other things – I will pull myself away, (even just locking myself in the bathroom!), and just focus on God and worship Him.

Then, in an attitude of worship I will ask God about the word, and I make myself ready to do what He says. When you stand before the altar, cleansed by the blood, worshiping and focused on the Father, whatever He says, do it!

Remember Luke 11:11-13, the parable of the good father, “If a son asks for bread from any father among you, will he give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent instead of a fish?” How much more faithful is our Heavenly Father to give the bread of life!

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