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Minnesota Democrats want to develop a bias list to log people’s thoughts

Minnesota State Capitol
Credit: Jonathunder/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

If passed, a new bill being debated in the Democrat-controlled Minnesota Legislature that would see the establishment of a bias list.

This government controlled bias list would be used to log alleged comments by people that are not considered hate speech or crimes, but which someone doesn’t like, Fox News reports.

According to the article, people would be able to report another person’s alleged verbal comments, real or imagined, resulting in them being potentially added to the government’s list.

In an interview with Fox News, Republican Rep. Walter Hudson is concerned that the amendment known as House File 181 would threaten religious liberty in that state.

“It seems very clear, based upon their focus on motivation, that they’re more concerned about what’s going on in people’s heads, which is protected speech, and that’s thoughtcrime,” Hudson told Fox News.

If these thought crimes are not illegal, one would have to ask the more obvious question: what is motivating Minnesota’s Democrat government to log comments it doesn’t like.

What is the purpose of this bias list?

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