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Christian astronaut is chosen for NASA’s next Moon mission

Christian astronaut, Victor Glover, has been chosen by NASA to be part of the four-man team that will be journeying to the moon in August 2004, to establish a long-term presence on the lunar’s surface, Caleb Park reports.

It has been over 50 years, since NASA has sent astronauts to the moon, and Glover will be piloting the Artemis II crew on its ten-day flight.

Glover, who is a member of the Church of Christ in Houston, had previously spent six months at the International Space Station where he even regularly had communion.

Speaking at Abell Street Church of Christ in Wharton, Glover said:

“I was able to worship in space … I was able to take communion every week I was in space. NASA supported me and my family’s desire to continue to worship and to continue our faith walk even while I was off the planet.”

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