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Major food producer increased prices by 10% in first three months of 2023

Just in case you think inflation is a thing of the past, one of the world’s largest food and drink providers increased the prices of its products by 9.8% during the first three months of 2023, the Daily Wire reports. This is a huge increase as is the company that did it, the Swiss-based conglomerate, Nestlé, which includes several other brand names, Nescafe, Purina, KitKat and Gerber. The corporation cited, “significant cost inflation,” as the reason for the price rises. The prices increases varied around the world. The company’s prices were raised 3.9% in Communist China, 12.4% in North America, 13.4% in Latin America and 10.7% in Europe. READ: World’s Largest Food Company Hikes Prices Nearly 10% In Just Three Months Due To Inflation Pressures

Survey: Less than half of born-again Christians believe Jesus led a sinless life

In preparation for the last plague, the death of the firstborn, and Israel’s exodus out of Egypt, the Hebrews were told to sacrifice an ‘unblemished’ lamb. They were then to spread its blood over the lentil of their homes so that the angel of the death would not kill their firstborn, and then eat the lamb in what would become the first Passover supper (seder). The only requirement was the lamb had to be unblemished. According to Thayer’s, the Hebrew word form for unblemished, tâmı̂ym, means “complete, whole, entire, sound, healthful.” 5 Your lamb shall be an unblemished male a year old; you may take it from the sheep or from the goats. (Exodus 12:5 NASV) They had to use the best of their flock for the sacrifice, not the rejects or the lame. Even today, Jewish priests are fastidious in enforcing this unblemished requirement for sacrifices. In September 2022, the Temple Institute purchased five Red Heifers from America, whose ashes are needed to purify the priests. The Institute actually sent a Rabbi to examine the …

Christian astronaut is chosen for NASA’s next Moon mission

Christian astronaut, Victor Glover, has been chosen by NASA to be part of the four-man team that will be journeying to the moon in August 2004, to establish a long-term presence on the lunar’s surface, Caleb Park reports. It has been over 50 years, since NASA has sent astronauts to the moon, and Glover will be piloting the Artemis II crew on its ten-day flight. Glover, who is a member of the Church of Christ in Houston, had previously spent six months at the International Space Station where he even regularly had communion. Speaking at Abell Street Church of Christ in Wharton, Glover said: “I was able to worship in space … I was able to take communion every week I was in space. NASA supported me and my family’s desire to continue to worship and to continue our faith walk even while I was off the planet.” READ: Christian Astronaut to Pilot NASA’s Return Mission to the Moon

Does the movie, ‘Nefarious’, expose the reality of evil spirit possession?

Nefarious is a Christian movie with a twist: It’s being called a horror flick as it revolves around the story of a demon-possessed man on death row called Nefarious, played by Christian actor Patrick Flanery. In his review of the movie for Digital Journal, Markos Papadatos described the movie as riveting and gave it a rating of 4.5 out of 5. “Most importantly, ‘Nefarious’ is a movie that will certainly spark serious conversations with viewers once it’s over,” Papadatos pointed out. The movie script was written by Christian filmmakers Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman who also wrote God is not Dead and Unplanned. The movie centers around the interaction between an atheist psychiatrist, Dr. James Martin, played by Christian actor Jordan Belfi, and Nefarious. Though he doesn’t believe in demons or demon possession, Martin has been called in to evaluate Nefarious’ mental health as he is scheduled to be executed for murdering 11 people. If found insane, Nefarious would avoid execution. During the interview, Nefarious reveals itself as a demon and Martin is forced to …

Christian prayer warriors gathering in Boston to pray for those attending SatanCon

A group of Christian prayer warriors have organized a Revive Boston conference purposefully being held in at the same time as SatanCon, scheduled for Boston this upcoming week, Fox News reports. SatanCon, which will run from April 28-30, 2023, coincides with The Satanic Temple’s tenth anniversary and has been billed as the ‘largest satanic gathering in history.’ The event advertised as “a weekend of blasphemy and remembrance in Boston,” will include a satanic marketplace, discussion panels, speaking events and even ‘unbaptisms’ for those denying their Christian faith. In an interview with the Christian Post, Suzie MacAskill, an organizer of Revive Boston, said she expects hundreds of people to attend the gathering as many intercessors have expressed that they felt God calling them to Boston. While there, they will be praying for the salvation of those attending SatanCon. “My personal sense is that God is doing something new, something powerful, something wonderful, and He is calling His bride to unity as He does this,” McAskill said. “We are seeing intercessors and watchmen joining with us from …

Managers say Gen Z is the most difficult generation that they have ever worked with

According to a study by ResumeBuilder, over half the US managers surveyed stated that they were forced to fire Gen Z employees because they were unmotivated and too easily offended, the Daily Mail reports. Gen Z, also known as Zoomers, are those born between 1997 and 2012, (13 to 25 years of age). Others are less specific, stating that zommers fall into the mid to late 1990s to early 2000s. The survey of 1,300 managers also found: One manager added that working with Gen Z employees is exhausting because they will challenge management, because Zoomers believes they are smarter than you, more capable, and “they will tell you to your face”. READ: Melting under the pressure! HALF of managers complain it’s ‘difficult’ to work with snowflake Gen Z employees – while more than a THIRD reveal they’ve had to FIRE younger staff because they’re too ‘easily offended’

Religion and Money: Strange Partners

Did you know that religion is tied to money? Every religion has a powerful influence on our economy and that influence is worth about 1.2 trillion dollars. That’s what some economists tell us. I was driving to work, a few days ago, and I was thinking about my employment future. If you are wondering, we are doing well, and this is not a request for donations. I work for the local government, and our bills are paid, but with changing policies, my job could change. For example, I might have to work as a contractor, and I don’t think I want that. I was having normal thoughts, the kind that most of us have. Don’t worry about me, I am a dedicated cheapskate. I’m sure you also have thoughts about employment and finances. As I pondered my future, I turned on the radio, and I heard a familiar voice. You probably know who Dave Ramsey is: Dave Ramsey is a famous Christian financial advisor who talks about managing our money and paying off our debts. …

Did a mother’s prayer bring her deceased son back to life?

Sammy Berko, who suffered a heart attack, while at a rock climbing gym, experienced a miracle after he came back to life after his mother prayed for him, Faithwire reports. Berko was near the top of the rock climbing wall when he passed out and fell to the ground. He had suffered a heart attack and was immediately rushed to the hospital in Missouri City, Texas, where doctors spent hours trying to restart his heart. Finally, when the medical staff were unable to permanently restart his heart, they told the parents that there was nothing more that could be done. Their son was dead. Sammy’s parents gathered around their son to say their last goodbyes, and Faithwire explains what happened next: “I [Sammy’s mother Jennifer] started talking to [Sammy], just telling him how much I love him and sorry that we didn’t know how to save him,” she said. “Suddenly, as I started praying, my husband said, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s moving.’” Jennifer and her husband began shouting, and doctors came in and discovered a …

Video: ‘The Monster behind the Gender theory’ — The story of Dr. John Money and the Reimer Twins

For millennia, people have believed that we have only two sexes, and it is hard-coded into a person’s DNA. So where did the theory come from that sex is only a cultural norm or something that is learned, and that can people can change their sex? The Money story Well, much of that can be attributed to Dr. John Money (1921-2006), a psychologist and sexologist from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Money held the controversial view at the time, that sex was cultural and primarily learned. He believed under proper supervision you could change a person’s sex, provided it was done before the age of two. In the video above, Dr. Jordan Peterson interviews Dr. Miriam Grossman who explains the horrific story of Money’s views and failed experiment to convert one of the Reimer identical boy twins from a boy to a girl. Shortly after birth in 1965 in Winnipeg, Canada, the two boys were diagnosed as having a problem with their urethra and circumcision was recommended. However, because of a malfunction in the equipment, Bruce’s …

Canada: Federal Health Department report calls for an end to liberty and capitalism

A new report published by the Federal government’s Heath Canada has called on public health officials to call for an end to capitalism, Western civilization and ‘liberty and individualism’, the National Post reports. The National Post writes: A new Health Canada report suggests public health officials should be openly advocating for the toppling of capitalism, Western society and even the very concept of “liberty and individualism.” “Fundamental changes in our socioeconomic structures are needed to rebuild our relationships with each other and with our planet,” reads the conclusion of the April 17 report prepared for chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam. […] The 72-page report, What We Heard: Perspectives on Climate Change and Public Health in Canada, was commissioned to detail the “impacts of climate change on the health and well-being of people living in Canada.” The authors surveyed 30 academics and public health experts for their input. READ MORE: FIRST READING: Public Health Agency of Canada report calls for toppling of ‘capitalism and liberty’ Essentially, it’s a call to embrace communism.