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Video: ‘The Monster behind the Gender theory’ — The story of Dr. John Money and the Reimer Twins

Dr. Jordan Peterson interviews Dr. Miriam Grossman about Dr. John Money (share this video).

For millennia, people have believed that we have only two sexes, and it is hard-coded into a person’s DNA.

So where did the theory come from that sex is only a cultural norm or something that is learned, and that can people can change their sex?

The Money story

Well, much of that can be attributed to Dr. John Money (1921-2006), a psychologist and sexologist from Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Money held the controversial view at the time, that sex was cultural and primarily learned. He believed under proper supervision you could change a person’s sex, provided it was done before the age of two.

In the video above, Dr. Jordan Peterson interviews Dr. Miriam Grossman who explains the horrific story of Money’s views and failed experiment to convert one of the Reimer identical boy twins from a boy to a girl.

Shortly after birth in 1965 in Winnipeg, Canada, the two boys were diagnosed as having a problem with their urethra and circumcision was recommended. However, because of a malfunction in the equipment, Bruce’s penis was completely destroyed.

After watching Dr. Money being interviewed on TV, the Reimers turned to him about their son Bruce.

Money immediately took on the case stating that they should transform Bruce from a boy to a girl.

Being identical twins this was a perfect test of Money’s theories, since both were genetically the same and would be raised in a similar environment.

Bruce’s name was changed to Brenda and the family was told to never mention that she had been born a boy. The transformation included hormonal treatment and the surgical removal of his testes.

It also involved annual follow-up visits with Dr. Money at Johns Hopkins.

Money, who was writing and discussing his gender theories, began to cite the Reimer case without using their real names and stated that Bruce/Brenda’s transformation to a girl was a complete success.

However, in fact, the reality was much different.

Between the ages of 9 and 11, Bruce/Brenda realized that she was a boy and by the age of 15 was living as a boy and changed his name to David. He would eventually marry and he and his wife adopted three children.

Though the Remiers were taking their children to visit Money annually, their children eventually refused to go. This is because Money was having private sessions with the two, and would force them to take off their clothes and perform sexual maneuvers on each other with Brenda taking the female role. Both children hated it.

Money even photographed some of these sessions in the name of research.

Wikipedia explains:

When either child resisted these activities, Money would get angry. Both Reimer and Brian recall that Money was mild-mannered around their parents, but ill-tempered when alone with them. When they resisted inspecting each other’s genitals, Money got very aggressive. Reimer says, “He told me to take my clothes off, and I just did not do it. I just stood there. And he screamed, ‘Now!’ Louder than that. I thought he was going to give me a whupping. So I took my clothes off and stood there shaking.”[25]

Suffering from severe depression, in 2004, David committed suicide at the age of 38 in part due to a breakdown of his marriage and the death of his younger brother, who died of a drug overdose two years earlier.

For thirty years, which included citing the Reimer twins, Dr. Money had broadcast the success of his gender theories. According to Wikipedia, Money wrote over 2,000 articles and books/chapters and reviews during his career.

READ: David Reimer/Wikipedia AND John Money/Wikipedia

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