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‘Jesus Revolution’ movie also sparking revival

Jesus Revolution playing at the Noyo Theatre in Willits, California.
Credit: Sarah Stierch (CC BY 4.0)/Wikipedia

As the Asbury revival spreads across America, another interesting phenomenon is showing up, CBN reports.

It appears that the movie, Jesus Revolution, which portrays the start of the Jesus people movement in the early 60s and 70s that led to tens of thousands of hippies turning their lives over to Christ, is having a similar impact.

There are several stories of people getting saved at the movie.

Below is a video of what happened during a recent viewing of the movie at a theater in Miami, Florida.

If you are having problems viewing the video above, click on this link.

The Asbury revival is also continuing to spread, with reports that it has impacted other secular universities such as Ohio State and Western Kentucky University.

And the revival has also reached Portland, Oregon. The video below shows what happened at a church youth meeting in that city:

READ: Revival Goes Nationwide, Hits Theaters After ‘Jesus Revolution’ Film as Well as ORU, Portland, Ohio State

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