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Baylor University impacted by Asbury University revival

The revival that started at Asbury College has now spread to Baylor University in Waco, Texas. It is a Baptist college with over 20,000 students. Each spring, Baylor holds a 72-hour service of prayer and worship called FM72 where students can gather to reflect on their own spiritual journey. However, this year’s meeting was different as it was impacted by the revival that broke out at Asbury University earlier this year. This year’s meeting not only had a massive turnout, but it has also resulted in over 20 students being water baptized. Because of the incredible response to the first gathering, Baylor has announced that it would be holding an unprecedented second FM72 meeting this year between March 27-30. READ: Baylor University’s 72-Hour Christian Revival Leads to 20+ Baptisms

‘Jesus Revolution’ movie also sparking revival

As the Asbury revival spreads across America, another interesting phenomenon is showing up, CBN reports. It appears that the movie, Jesus Revolution, which portrays the start of the Jesus people movement in the early 60s and 70s that led to tens of thousands of hippies turning their lives over to Christ, is having a similar impact. There are several stories of people getting saved at the movie. Below is a video of what happened during a recent viewing of the movie at a theater in Miami, Florida. If you are having problems viewing the video above, click on this link. The Asbury revival is also continuing to spread, with reports that it has impacted other secular universities such as Ohio State and Western Kentucky University. And the revival has also reached Portland, Oregon. The video below shows what happened at a church youth meeting in that city: READ: Revival Goes Nationwide, Hits Theaters After ‘Jesus Revolution’ Film as Well as ORU, Portland, Ohio State

Asbury ends revival meetings, services restart at Lexington arena

There have been some questions, after Asbury University decided to shut down revival services effective Friday, February 24, 2023. The revival spontaneously broke out during a chapel service at the university on February 8, and have been running every day since then. This has resulted in thousands of people from around the world traveling to Asbury to see what was happening firsthand. The reasons given for shutting down the revival were because the crowds were overwhelming Asbury facilities and disrupting classes. But this move has caused some questions, as it seems the Asbury administration was abandoning the revival as it made no attempt to provide for its continuation at a larger off-site venue. Fortunately, Christian evangelist Nick Hall, stepped in and arranged for the meetings to continue at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, over the weekend, CBN reports. The arena is a thirty-minute drive from Asbury. Unfortunately, this last-minute arrangement resulted in little advance notice to those wishing to attend. Commenting on Asbury’s decision to abruptly end the revival meetings without adequately planning for its …

How the Asbury revival is uniquely impacting ‘Gen Z’

One thing that has struck me about the Asbury Revival is that by targeting this Kentucky university, the Holy Spirit has specifically chosen to move upon what some would describe as a lost generation, Gen Z. These are people born between 1997 and 2012, with many in the latter years attending colleges and universities. This was very similar to the Jesus Movement that also impacted Asbury University in 1970, which saw the Holy Spirit move upon the disillusioned hippies made up of people in their late teens and twenties. With many Gen Z abandoning the church, it is easy to look upon this generation as spiritually disconnected, but research shows that despite outward appearances, they are very open to spiritual things. In fact, polling reveals that they may be more spiritually open, than their older peers. The authors of a recent poll conducted by Barna stated, “Younger non-Christians are more than twice as likely to express a personal interest in Christianity compared to older non-Christians.” In an article for Denison Forum, Laurel Wood added that …

Asbury’s revival spreads to a secular university, Texas A&M

According to a report by God TV, the revival that broke out at Asbury University in Kentucky, has now spread to a secular university, Texas A&M. Located in the city of College Station, Texas A&M has a student population of over 72,000. The Asbury revival had previously spread to several private Christian universities, such as Lee and Samford, and this is the first report of revival breaking out at a secular school, Charisma News reports. In a Facebook post, Texas A&M student, Grant Bynum, explained that the services are taking place in an area beside the university’s football field and that crowds are growing each night. He writes: “Student led spontaneous event next to Kyle Field, no leader wanted. Worship breaks out. Testimonies. Prayers for miraculous healings. Prayers for the lost and boldness to witness to the entire campus. This is a MIRACLE!” “Jesus is moving at Texas A&M. It’s real! No program. Closest things I’ve ever seen to ACTS. … SUPPPORT/PRAY for the Holy Spirit to lead and to continue this. Jesus is just …

Live stream of Asbury University revival service

We have been reporting on the revival that has broken out at Asbury University in Kentucky, below is a live stream of this morning’s service (Feb 19, 2023). Something unique is happening at Asbury as the secular media is starting to write stories about what is taking place. In her article for Fox News, Christen Limbaugh Bloom writes: I have been thrilled to see the Asbury University revival spark chatter on a national level in the last week–even NBC News and The Washington Post have done write-ups about this phenomenon. While many Christians, like myself, are overjoyed and inspired by the events taking place at this small college in Kentucky, it is not lost on me that it has also stirred skepticism among non-believers and even many Christians.  As someone whose capacity to accept and embrace the supernatural has grown gradually over time, I understand those people who are on the fence– who want to believe what’s happening at Asbury is real, but who have never experienced something like it firsthand and therefore can’t fully …

Video: The Asbury University Revival

As we reported yesterday, revival has broken out at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. People are now coming to visit the college from across the US, leading to reports of the revival spreading to other colleges. The revival started on Wednesday, Feb 8, 2023 during a chapel service and has been going on 24/7 since then. Some are comparing it to a revival that broke out at Asbury in 1970 in connection with the Jesus People movement. The following are a couple of CBN reports on what is happening: