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Asbury’s revival spreads to a secular university, Texas A&M

Kyle Field, Texas A&M
Credit: Clark Moody/Wikipedia/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0

According to a report by God TV, the revival that broke out at Asbury University in Kentucky, has now spread to a secular university, Texas A&M.

Located in the city of College Station, Texas A&M has a student population of over 72,000.

The Asbury revival had previously spread to several private Christian universities, such as Lee and Samford, and this is the first report of revival breaking out at a secular school, Charisma News reports.

In a Facebook post, Texas A&M student, Grant Bynum, explained that the services are taking place in an area beside the university’s football field and that crowds are growing each night.

He writes:

“Student led spontaneous event next to Kyle Field, no leader wanted. Worship breaks out. Testimonies. Prayers for miraculous healings. Prayers for the lost and boldness to witness to the entire campus. This is a MIRACLE!”

“Jesus is moving at Texas A&M. It’s real! No program. Closest things I’ve ever seen to ACTS. … SUPPPORT/PRAY for the Holy Spirit to lead and to continue this. Jesus is just getting started at Texas A&M.”

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