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Illegal Communist China surveillance buoys removed from Canada’s arctic

Hong Kong protestor egging poster of China’s current communist tyrant, Xi Jinping
Credit: Studio Incendo/Wikipedia/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0

According to a report by the National Post, Canada’s military has removed several Communist China surveillance/spy buoys illegally floating in waters off Canada’s arctic.

Though it is uncertain ,at this point, what type of scientific instruments the Chinese Communist Party installed in these buoys, one expert stated they are often used to chart the ocean floor in preparation for travel by nuclear subs. He also added they could be used to track American vessels and subs as well.

This news follows the shooting down of a Communist China spy balloon that had targeted sensitive American military areas earlier this month.

READ: Military says it has tracked, stopped China surveillance in Canadian Arctic

Of course, it is reasonable to presume that the CCP felt it had permission to do this after Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, expressed his school-girl crush on Communist China’s political regime:

And as well, Trudeau also forced Canada’s army to train the Chinese military in cold-weather fighting, READCanada Invited Communist China To Come To Country To Participate In Military Exercises: Reports. He also forced Canadian troops to salute China’s current tyrant, Xi Jinping, at the military games held in Beijing in 2020. READLEAKED: Canadian military ordered to salute Chinese president, alongside North Korea

Speaking of Xi Jinping

On a related note, YouTube has shutdown a channel known for satirizing and mocking China’s Communist tyrant, Xi Jinping, Breitbart reports.

RutersXiaoFanQ has been in operation for several years and even though YouTube is banned in Communist China, the social media giant bent the knee and removed the channel.

The channel often mocked Xi Jinping, who claimed multiple honorary degrees, but in fact only received an elementary school education. They also satirized Xi Jinping’s look alike doppelganger, Winnie the Pooh.

It seems the Chinese Communist Party utilized a YouTube program where channels are shutdown if they receive too many complaints.

READ: YouTube Shuts Down Channel Famed for Satirizing Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping

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