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Live stream of Asbury University revival service

We have been reporting on the revival that has broken out at Asbury University in Kentucky, below is a live stream of this morning’s service (Feb 19, 2023).

Something unique is happening at Asbury as the secular media is starting to write stories about what is taking place.

In her article for Fox News, Christen Limbaugh Bloom writes:

I have been thrilled to see the Asbury University revival spark chatter on a national level in the last week–even NBC News and The Washington Post have done write-ups about this phenomenon. While many Christians, like myself, are overjoyed and inspired by the events taking place at this small college in Kentucky, it is not lost on me that it has also stirred skepticism among non-believers and even many Christians. 

As someone whose capacity to accept and embrace the supernatural has grown gradually over time, I understand those people who are on the fence– who want to believe what’s happening at Asbury is real, but who have never experienced something like it firsthand and therefore can’t fully get their head around it.

My prayer is that all Christians, whether on the fence or not, will open their minds and hearts to these spiritual realities and pray for more revivals like this to ignite across the country, so that each of us might have an opportunity to see what they’re all about firsthand. After all, some aspects of the Holy Spirit really do come down to how we experience Him on a personal level. 

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