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Will rising crime rates become a major issue in US midterms?

According to a recent poll, the dramatically rising crime rates across America are increasingly becoming a major election issue for the upcoming midterms in November 2022.

The poll, conducted by Politico in late September and early October 2022, found that the vast majority of those surveyed labelled crime as a major problem:

  • 77% of Americans believe that violent crime is a ‘significant problem’; and
  • 74% believe violent crime is rising across America.

Most are blaming the Democrat’s soft-on-crime approach to justice, which included an end to cash bail, for the rise in crime.

Breitbart reports:

In Colorado, Democrats passed a law in 2020 that made it easier to sue a police officer directly and added more restrictions on officers. The state also has the third highest crime rate in the country while leading the county in car thefts.

In Illinois, Democrats passed the SAFE-T Act, which eliminated cash bail even though law enforcement warned that the legislation would lead to a bigger crime surge. The state also leads the country in carjackings. […]

In New York, Democrat lawmakers in 2019 eliminated cash bail. Just in New York City this year, auto theft is up 42 percent, robberies are up 39.8 percent, and rape has also increased by ten percent. Additionally, murders in the last five years are up 48.5 percent.

READ: Crime Emerges as Deciding Issue in 2022 Midterms with 77 Percent Seeing It as Major Problem 

Meanwhile, in New York

In a recent editorial, the NY Post called for people to vote New York Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul out of office for her failure to stop crime, due largely to her soft-on-crime policies.

The NY Post then provided a list of some recent crimes in New York. Here are three of them:

Late Monday brought another subway pushing, thankfully not fatal. Cops arrested a vagrant with 43 priors for the crime, nabbing him after he allegedly hurled a rock at a construction worker.

Near the Central Park Carousel, a screaming misogynist menaced a woman and her two little brothers with a knife — then a judge released him without bail.

Teen gunmen fired 10 shots at the MetroTech Center near NYU’s Downtown Brooklyn campus, prompting lockdowns at several public schools.

READ: To stop rising crime and chaos, New Yorkers must vote out Hochul and other pro-madness politicians

Meanwhile, in…

Philadelphia: Accused felon released on reduced bail charged with fatally shooting man days after leaving jail

Illinois: State Law Will Release Second-Degree Murder Suspects Without Bail: ‘The End of Days’

Chicago: Prosecutors: Chicago Felon Arrested for Driving Stolen Vehicle on Bail for 3 Other Cases AND #36: Driver exchanged shots with gunman in another car while on felony bail, prosecutors say

California: California county saw 70% of criminal suspects released on $0 bail commit new crimes: DA ANDOutrageous’ $0 bail policy to blame for staggering rate of crimes committed by past offenders: California DA

Oregon: Portland Antifa riot arrestee charged in child sex sting: A Portland Antifa serial riot arrestee has been charged with child sex crimes. He was quickly released without bail.

New York City: The truth: 43% of people let go with no bail on a serious charge in NYC were rearrested — the ‘reform’ is a disaster AND Career criminal indicted on murder charge freed without bail by NYC judge

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