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Study: Want to end world hunger? We need more CO2

One of the bizarre spinoffs of the environmental movement is how they have managed to demonize CO2, a colorless and odorless gas, which is absolutely necessary for life because it functions as a fertilizer for plants.

But once global warming became political, these types of facts were quickly tossed aside.

Nevertheless, several studies reveal that the more CO2 there is in the atmosphere, the higher crop yields and the more food we can grow:

Greenhouses pump in CO2

Of course, this might explain why greenhouses pump in CO2 because it creates healthier, larger, and faster-growing plants, that also need less water and soil nutrients.

According to a report on the Canadian province of Ontario’s website, 1000 ppm is the ideal amount of CO2 that greenhouses need. Earth has about 400 ppm in its atmosphere, and the government recommends pumping in CO2 for optimal growth. READ: Carbon Dioxide In Greenhouses

Even NASA noticed the world is getting greener

And even NASA’s satellites picked up on the fact that the world is getting greener because of more CO2. You would have thought that the environmental fanatics would like that, but apparently not.

READ: Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds


  1. If the dude from the sustain-blog really cared he would know that pollution is the threat more than CO2. But that would mean he would have to debate the obvious elephant in the room.


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