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Washington State to ban the sale of non-electric cars by 2030?

Washington State legislative building in Olympia
Credit: Cacophony/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

According to reports, the Democrat Governor of the state of Washington, Jay Inslee, has signed a bill that plans to ban the sale of most non-electric cars effective 2030. California and New York have passed similar legislation banning new non-electric car sales by 2035.

The Blaze explains:

The Post Millennial reported that Inslee signed the “Move Ahead Washington” package into law stipulating that all publicly owned and privately owned “passenger and light duty vehicles 2030 model or later that are sold, purchased, or registered in the state” must be electric. 

This legislation comes with a $16.9 billion price tag and will receive funds generated by taxes on gasoline. Inslee claimed that the package would help “combat climate change,” but the state of Washington will be reliant upon its residents and visitors continuing to fill their cars with gasoline in order to fund reach this green goal.

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Meanwhile, in Britain

The country’s state-owned broadcaster is in hot water after one of its news reporters asked members of the radical environmental group, Tyre Extinguishers, if the BBC could video them as they deflate the tires of SUVs across the country.

The BBC promised to blur out the images of the group members and disguise their voices as they did it.

Tyre Extinguisher members deflate the tires of SUVs, including hybrids, as part of their fight against global warming. They recently bragged about having deflated 2,000 SUVs in a month.

They deflate the tire by screwing off the cap and inserting a small stone or bean inside the cap. After they screw the cap back on, the stone pushes down on the tire valve, slowly releasing the air.

READ: BBC is accused of ‘supporting unlawful radical activism’ by asking eco-vigilantes to let them film tyre deflating while ‘blurring faces and disguising their voices’

Meanwhile, in Canada

The federal government’s Environmental Minister, Steven Guilbeault, recently expressed his outrage after several provinces decided to reduce gas taxes on gas in order to reduce prices that have hit upwards of $1.80 a liter in some jurisdictions.

The Post Millennial provides the details:

During an appearance on CPAC’s Prime Time Politics, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault discussed the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, as well as Canada’s climate plan, saying that other crises may come and go, but climate change will always remain.

Guilbeault said that it was vital that provinces not reduce gas taxes and prices, saying that it was counterproductive to the goals of the government’s plant to tackle the climate crisis.

“It goes against our efforts to fight climate change,” said Guilbeault to host Peter Van Dusen.

Prior to entering politics, Guilbeault had been arrested for his environmental activism.

READ: Trudeau environment minister says climate change is killing Canadians, blasts premiers for lowering gas prices

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