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BLM uses donations to purchase a $6 million house in Los Angeles, California

New York Magazine (NYM) is alleging that the Black Lives Matter organization used funds from the Black Lives Matter Global Network to purchase a 6,500 square foot (ca. 604 m²) house in California, valued at $6 million.

Perhaps the bigger issue is that NYM also alleges that BLM organizers tried to cover up the purchase.

The Blaze explains:

The purchase was first reported by New York Magazine which obtained internal memos from the Black Lives Matter leaders trying to kill the story.

The report detailed the labyrinthine legal steps the organization took to try to hide the purchase of the home from the public.

Other activists are upset at the use of the donation funds.

“It’s a waste of resources,” said Tory Russell, an activist in Ferguson, Missouri, who had asked the BLMGNF for funds for a community center.

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For some photos of the $6 million home, READ: Inside the $6M mansion BLM reportedly bought with donated funds

And don’t forget the Toronto mansion

Of course, this is not the first time BLM donations have gone to house purchases. They also helped a Canadian charity purchase the former headquarters of the Communist Party of Canada located in Toronto:

READ: Report: Black Lives Matter sent millions to charity that bought mansion that was formerly Communist Party of Canada headquarters. Questions surface about who controls BLM’s $60M war chest. AND BLM transferred millions to Canadian charity to buy mansion formerly owned by Communist Party: report

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